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working on roofI can undertake all types of excavation and groundworks. My groundworks services include digging driveways, landscaping, digging ponds, digging foundations, laying trenches for water pipes, soil pipes, and electrical cables, laying land drainage including the installation of french drains, leveling land, moving soil in contact with buildings and digging out tree stumps.

I will happily quote you a price for your groundworks requirements and I can also offer our excavation services on a daily basis. My daily rates (available upon request) include delivery of equipment to your site and an operator. Please note that I do not hire digging equipment for self operation.

French Drains.
A French drain, perimeter drain or land drain is a trench filled with gravel that redirects surface or groundwater away from an area. Modern French drains have a perforated hollow pipe along the bottom of the trench to quickly vent water that seeps down through the gravel (see diagram below).
French Drain
French drains are often used around the perimeter of a house to prevent excess surface and ground water from damaging foundations. Some houses are positioned where water does not drain effectively from around the building and without some kind of drainage a build-up of excess water can be very damaging.

Often in Normandy I find that some houses have soil lines above foundation level which causes water to seep in to stonework, this seepage can cause major problems over time as well as damp areas within the home. By excavating high soil lines and installing French drains along with a waterproof membrane against the building I can solve these problems very effectively.

Please contact me for further information or a free quotation for your groundworks and excavation requirements.
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