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LoftA roof inspection will involve examining the timbers inside and out for signs of Rot or infestation. I will also check that the roof is correctly constructed, I have seen many DIY repairs that leave a lot to be desired. Many houses in Normandy have purlins (horizontal roof supports) that protrude through the ends of the building which are very prone to rot if not regularly treated. I will also check the condition of the tiles be they slate or ceramic, for signs of weathering or other damage to assess their longevity. Roof tiles can appear OK from a distance but will need close inspection to see if they have become very soft or brittle (see video below). I will also check the condition of any roof tile clips that may be present. I also strongly recommend that chimneys are checked for structural integrity, a falling chimney is both life threatening and very damaging to the property.
If you already own a property in Normandy and would like to me to inspect your roof with a view to carrying out maintenance or repair work, I will happily make an appointment to view your roof and discuss your needs free of charge and without commitment. Please contact me here.

If you are considering purchasing a property in Normandy and would like the roof inspected prior to making a commitment, then I offer my services at a flat rate of €150 for an inspection and a verbal report. Written reports will involve extra cost dependant upon the complexity of the results. Under some circumstances I may be able to offset the inspection cost should you decide to purchase the property and employ my services to carry out roof repairs or construction. Off the record, during a roof inspection, I will happily cast my eye over the rest of the building and give an informed opinion as to it's overall condition should you require it. Please note that you will need the consent of the present owners before an inspection can be carried out.
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