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Maintaining your roof in good condition will prevent costly damage and keep your home comfortable. There are several aspects to roof maintenance that are important to understand, hopefully you will find the following information useful. I can carry out all of the maintenance jobs outlined below and more, so please contact me should you require my services or a no-commitment inspection. Most roof problems are easily prevented with regular maintenance.

Replace roof tiles - Replace tile clips - Replace rotten timbers
Treat/coat external & internal timbers
Re-point chimneys - Repair/install roof windows

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Tiles Roof Tiles. Unfortunately at present, roof tiles have a limited life span. It is impossible to gauge the life of a roof tile because of the influences of weather conditions and other factors such as where your house is located and which direction it faces. Also, not all tiles are created equally, some cheaper tiles are a lot more susceptible to frost and weather damage than others. Over time tiles can become very brittle or in some cases very soft & crumbly, once in this state they are more prone to frost damage and breakage caused by adverse weather conditions. The only cure for damaged tiles is replacement, and in some cases where damage is extensive it is impossible to replace damaged tiles without breaking others in the process, under these circumstances a complete tile replacement is necessary. In most cases replacement of just the damaged tiles is not a problem and is recommended to preserve a watertight roof.

Roof Timbers. Wood is susceptible to rot, and infestation from harmful mites such as woodworm, which can weaken the structure of a roof. Roof timbers hold a considerable weight and need to be maintained and inspected regularly. If roof tiles become damaged or are ill fitting then water will find its way in to the roof structure which if left to continue for some time will probably lead to rot. Another factor which can cause damage to roof timbers is the lack of ventilation in a roof space leading to condensation problems and eventually to wood rot. Many houses in France have purlins (horizontal roof supports) that protrude through the end of the building and it is essential that these are treated regularly to avoid expensive repair costs. Any exposed timber around the roof line must also be treated regularly for the same reasons. If any timber in your roof is rotten then it should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further problems, in many cases this is just a local repair and if done in time will not require all the tiles to be removed!

Tile Clips. Many roofs in Normandy use tile clips to hold the tiles in place and after time these can suffer fatigue and should be replaced if they show signs of breaking. It is hard to judge the expected life span of these clips as they vary in quality, but it is relatively easy to check their current condition. When roofs are re-tiled the clips are normally replaced at the same time.

Chimney Re-Pointing. Over time the weather and frost will affect brick and stone built chimneys. It is important to make sure that the cement between bricks or stone is sound, as a lack of pointing can be bad for structural integrity. Where the pointing has failed, rain water is driven in to the gaps between bricks by winds, and washes away more material which on older buildings could be nothing more then a mud mixture. This leads to instability of the chimney and makes it more susceptible to falling during high winds. Re-pointing is normally a simple, relatively inexpensive process, which when done properly will last a long time and should be a top priority if your chimney looks suspect!! The damaged caused by falling chimneys is severe and also life threatening, so please contact me if you have any concerns and I will happily arrange a free inspection.

Dormer & Velux Windows. I can repair or replace damaged roof windows as well as install from new. I can also remove existing roof windows completely and tile the exposed area to match the rest of the roof. I will also repair leaks around dormer and velux windows.
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