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working on roofWelcome to my web site. My name is Terry Bryan, I am originally from the UK but I now live and work in Normandy, France. I have had over 30 years experience in the roofing and general building industry and as a young man I was originally apprenticed for four years as a steeplejack.

My training and experience as a steeplejack means that I can reach areas of a roof where others fear to tread, without the need for costly scaffolding. This means that I can perform emergency repairs in a speedy and affordable manner. Some work such as a new roof may require scaffolding but in turn will also save time.

I will carry out practically all types of roofing works from small repairs to complete new roofs, as well as general building projects. Inside this site you will find further details of all my services including reducing the size of trees that may be too big for comfort if near to your home.

For anyone thinking of purchasing a property in Normandy you may want to consider having an inspection of the roof before committing your money. I can check the roof inside and out and advise you to it's current condition and longevity, you can find further information here.

The security and comfort of your home starts with the roof. A badly maintained roof can lead to expensive repairs both inside and outside the home. If you suspect that your roof is problematic then contact me now, a few simple repairs will probably cost a lot less than you think, and prevent costly damage.

I provide a reliable, honest and affordable service so if you think I can help you please contact me and I will happily visit and discuss your needs, with no commitment.

Please check out the rest of my web site and if you have any questions then I will be happy to help. Thanks for visiting
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